5 Top Handyman Tips

A number of people are brought into this world with handyman skills, other people have good friends to assist and in case you are just like me, I always try to handle things on my own. However what appears like a basic repair usually turns out from bad to worse, at times so much worse.

It is not a secret that handyman aid jobs are among the most well known on Airtasker and there has been a large range coming from setting up fly screen doors as well as painting, to constructing an outdoors deck and also installing new T.V’s.

Coming from the jobs posted to research and a little bit of experience, we have been able to come up with a number of useful tips and tricks to give you. Listed below are our top five handyman tips:

Tip 1: Get ready for the job

You may think it is easy half day’s work, however, in no time your entire weekend has already gone and you are still where you started. Thus in the event that, you do burst that water pipe you didn’t realize was there, always prepare for the worst and let yourself spend a few more time.

Tip 2: Quality tools

Don’t go cheap on quality tools- purchase, borrow or perhaps rent coming from stores. Already have the various tools? Well, be sure you maintain them in top-notch condition by giving them an instant wipe off using an oiled rag (definitely not water and soap) to eliminate rust and dirt.

Tip 3: Create a list and overcome the rush

Just before you purchase the things you don’t need, do your homework, create a list and don’t leave the list in your home (much better type it on your cell phone).

Additionally, once you know you are going to need in-store help go to the home improvement store during a weekday instead of a busy weekend.

Tip 4: DIY Tips

It’s quite often mentioned that it can be done the simple way or the hard way, however here are a few tips to get it done the smart way.

• Tie up several electrical cords in a knot to help keep from separating.
• Put soda water on the rusty bolt in order to loosen it.
• Utilize a Post-It note to trap dirt whenever drilling.

Tip 5: Hire a professional

In case you don’t wish to encounter a similar trouble in a couple of months be sure you are finding the best individual to do the job. It must be somebody who has a great reputation, no matter whether it’s an AirtaskerPRO or perhaps an expert, verify her or his certifications, personal references as well as reviews.

Enjoy a conversation with them and know if you are comfortable about working with them to assist with the job. You must inquire further if they have completed this kind of work in the past and if they are capable of finishing it in time.

Now there you’ve got our top five handyman tips, do you have a handyman tip? Inform us simply by getting in touch with us.