Why You Should Choose Cable Over Satellite TV

If you’re thinking about getting satellite or cable, then you’ll want to carefully weigh your options. However, it may be in your best interest to choose cable over satellite. There are many reasons why you should choose cable over satellite. The top reasons why you should choose cable will be discussed throughout the remainder of this article.


Sure, these days satellite TV is more reliable than it has ever been, but they are more prone to not working when weather conditions are not desirable. Your picture can become unclear, fuzzy or your service could stop working during a bad storm or even if it’s a bit windy out. This isn’t the case with all satellite providers, but in our opinion the chances of your TV going out during a storm are greater with satellite than with cable television. If you want to enjoy the utmost reliability, then consider getting cable instead of satellite TV.

Internet Connection

Fast Internet Connection

Satellite internet services are fast and many people are pleased with how reliable and quick their satellite internet is, but cable TV tends to reign supreme in this area. Cable TV internet tends to be extremely fast, reliable and the data you can get with packages are generous. Depending on where you live, you might not be subjected to data caps, which means you can use as much internet as you want, as long as you pay your bill. If you’re a heavy internet user and you use it to download things, watch videos and things of that nature, then you should choose cable over satellite TV.

Tv Channels


With cable, you have many packages to choose from, but the choices you have available to you depends on who you choose as your cable provider. Satellite TV does offer many channels and quite a few packages too, but we believe that cable offers a lot more for your money. However, different cable providers offer different packages and channels, which means you want to compare a few cable providers before choosing one to do business with. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a contract only to find out you don’t have access to the channels you want.

Customer Support

Generally speaking, cable providers offer great customer support and they are easy to reach, as you can email them, phone them or speak to them in live chat. Not all cable providers offer live chat features or offer the same ways to contact them, but for the most part reaching them and asking them questions about your account is easy to do. Just make sure you are aware of how to contact customer support before you choose a cable provider because if something comes up, you don’t want to wait around for a longtime for your issue to be resolved.


As for price, satellite television does offer quite a few packages at a great price, but for the most part cable providers offer the most for your money. In fact, if you’re a new customer, then you’ll usually be provided with discounts or deals to choose from, and even when the deals are no longer available, the price for cable TV and internet services are generally affordable. Do bear in mind that the more channels and the more features a cable TV plan has, the more it will cost you.


The services relating to Cable vs Satellite TV are also affected by which country you are in. For instance in the US Cable TV is more common, but in other countries like South Africa satellite TV is favored. For instance if you were in Cape Town and wanted high quality entertainment you would need to search for something like “DSTV installation Rondebosch” to get the best fit.

Do you want to enjoy very reliable television and do you want fast internet connection? Do you want access to great television packages and channels, as well as good customer support and prices? Of course you do, and this is why you should choose cable over satellite television.