Top 5 Questions for your carpet cleaning company

Here are top 5 questions to ask your carpet cleaning company

As a client you need to know some key facts about your carpet cleaning company, here are some questions to ask your carpet cleaning company before they start your house project.

1 Do they use water with a temperature of at least 240 degrees

Using hot water makes the dirt come off easily and cleans better and faster. Also the molecules on the surface of the carpet will have a less bond with the carpet therefore making it easy for the hot water to get into the carpet poles ultimately causing the dirt to come off easily.

2 Have a general liability or workers compensation insurance

If there is no general liability any injuries sustained by the worker within your premises will be your liability and that is the last situation you would like to find yourself in. You need to ensure that the company has a general liability upon its employees and comply with this.

3 Use safe safe or biodegradable cleaning agents

As carpets are being cleaned bio chemicals are absorbed into the atmosphere, it’s much better if these chemicals are safer and biodegradable.

4 Offer a 100% satisfaction upon completion of work

Not only offering 100% satisfaction upon completion of work help give the client a good feeling but also ensures the cleaning company more clients. The cleaning company must ensure, beyond no reasonable doubt that the work will be completed satisfactory.

5 Do they leave your carpet in a PH neutral state after the job

Leaving the carpets in a PH state prevents a crunchy feel on some type of carpets.